mardi 29 janvier 2013


You can call me MiNi, it's not my real name of course but I'm nickname lover.
 I'm 24 years old, I'm french, I love fashion, art, music and litterature. I'm a member of the Tokyo Fashion Show, an association which promotes Japanese Fashion in France through a website and events. I guess these are the most important things you have to know about me.
With my TFS friends, we have a common blog, Mainichi Fashion in which we write about our love for fashion and our evolution. I have a personnal blog too (in french). If you want to know my darkest shades, you're welcome there! I needed an other space in which I could express to call that..."fashion personnality"? I'm not confident about myself so it's sometimes scaring to write on the TFS stuff, I wanted a place where I can  be myself in a positive way without fear. I chose to make an english blog, even if my english is not perfect because it's the best way to interact with a lot of people and I truly think it's one of the funniest part of the blogging job. My personnal blog is more like a monologue, with this one, I want to begin a dialogue.

Welcome to the Mad Dreamer's party!