jeudi 21 février 2013

Last Montpellier trip

I just come back from few days at Montpellier. If you know me irl, you may know I lived in Montpellier last year for my studies. A lot of things has changed since last year, I don't live there anymore and most of the people I met there are moving on. A page is turned. 
But I'm not here to complain and talk about my nostalgia and sadness. I want to show you the pictures I took during my stay. Hope you will like it! (^_-)

Of course, I've seen my friend Aiko when I was there but we did'nt take pictures together as planned. I have drunk too much the night before so I was sick and it was raining, my hair was awful. I looked like a diying fluffy mushroom (believe me, you don't want to see that). Too bad because Aiko was really beautiful, so sexy & rock! 

Have a great day guys!

lundi 11 février 2013

I'm a shopping addict.

When I'm sad (and it happens too often), I don't cry or eat, I buy stuff. Not expensive stuff of course, feeling guilty is not the goal, it just have to be pretty and it made my day. To say the truth, crying would be better for my bank account.(−_−;)
Today, I did'nt buy something, I just dreamed about it. These are my most recent crush found on galaxxxy website:

I don't think the last two will suit me but the first....I'm really thinking about buying it. It's totally me, popish but not too much. I hesitate because...well...I don't really like to buy clothes on internet and I need money for a lot of projects. Even if I have a job, I have to be cautious. (-.-)
My last goodbye-sadness purchase was a roses garland. Roses & light...just the perfect association!


mardi 5 février 2013

I wanted to buy a pajama. Yes, really.

And then....

Obviously, it was a fail (my friend Sairen would say "Thank god. NO PAJAMA!" haha) I ended up with cute bracelets from New Look and a red lipstick from Kiko. 
Lately, I've bought a lot of stuff. It's not reasonable I know but...I have no excuses. I love buying pretty things that's all, it makes me happy and I need to be happier. 
I want a red lipstick since ages, I lost my last few years ago. I was hard to choose the color, the texture....I love lipstick especially red but not on me. It looks very ackward on my lips. To say the truth, I don't like my lips. My face is not naturally cute and my lower lip is very full, so even with a little of liptisck, I have a sexy look. I don't like that, I'm not at-ease with my sexy side. 
But I'm not a little girl anymore. It's time to express the "woman" inside me and the most feminine thing I know is red lipstick so why not afterall....

(some pictures with my lipstick on)

Good bye sweetie (*^▽^)/