jeudi 14 mars 2013

Fashion & Art are siblings

Art has a great importance in my life, not only because I study History of Art. Without art, life is meaningless in my opinion. Some people believe in God, I do believe in Beauty (the worst thing to do in History of Art, I know (╯ಊ╰) ). I like to consider myself as an aesthete.
This is the reason why I love fashion so much. Fashion is not only about clothes or make up, it's more than that. Creating a unique mix of random elements to express an idea, this is what art is about and also fashion.
One of the thing I love the most is when artists I admire collaborate with awesome brands. 

Do you know Chocomoo Yuka? If you don't know her, you should check it out. This artist is amazing. Her drawings are so beautiful and fresh. It's hard to express how much and why I love her work in english, I'm frustrated \(>.<)/. 

Chocomoo collaborates with a lot of brands and of course, it's perfect!


As you can see, she is also really stylish! (/*-*\) She works as an illustrator for music videos too! (Did I already say everything she does is great?(●´□`)♡) 


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  1. Nice! i also like her work a lot. How easy she creates a whole wall drawing always fascinating me.


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